Spatial Interface exhibition, and the InterSpace installation proposal

WAG - Spatial Interface proposal

As part of my involvement in organising a book and exhibition proposal (with Nic Clear, Murray Fraser and others), for the PODnet Spatial Interface project (which started as a conference at the University of Westminster, co-organised by the Polytechnic group at Westminster, the AVATAR group at the Bartlett, UCL, and SIAL at RMIT, Melbourne), WAG are revisiting this proposal. This project was published recently, as a manifestation of a few ideas that we have been working on, many of which are still ongoing. It was submitted to David Greene as a contribution to his request for proposals for departments at the LAWUN Invisible University, entitled the ‘Department of Immersive Environments’. Versions of this project have also been published as part of WAG’s Democratic Billboard project, entitled ‘InterSpace’.

The project explores architecture’s role as an organiser of media, technolgy and bodies in space. We described the proposal as :

A servicing frame in a field, and marked out territories on the ground.
An immersive 3D cybernetic forest. A cross between Nam June Paik’s TV gardens, and Piranesi’s Carcieri.
A servicing framework that assembles and coordinates other machines and devices.

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