WAG contribute to sustainable innovations think tank in Lisbon.

Last Wednesday I was flown (sic!) to Lisbon to contribute to a sustainable innovations brainstorming workshop. We were selected by consultants Interiority, on the basis of our ‘eco-innovative’ thinking and experience, to be part of a team put together for Brand developers Added Value, for a client of theirs: the Portuguese arm of a petroleum multinational. Other invited ‘holistic specialists’ included a future trends analyst, an entrepreneur publisher and a festival and events organiser. There were a dozen managers and technologists from the client, and two brand development and innovations consultants from Added Value.

We were charged with thinking about power needs in two distinct scenarios: the expansion of the leisure spaces and activities of the home into the garden, and the bulk delivery of power to buildings, developments and events which are ‘autonomous’, or not connected to the electric and gas networks.

It was my role to constantly remind them of their companies stated goal, which is to lead the world in the transition to an economy which is beyond petroleum..

I did not get to see much of Lisbon, but there is a great suspension bridge there…