Planning appeal victory for Bohemia Place eco bar and art gallery

The proposed development of an art gallery with ancillary café, bar and performance space at Units 6 and 7 Bohemia Place, London E8 1DU, has just been given the go ahead by the Planning Inspectorate.
In his comments, the appeal officer, David Kaiserman, described the reasons for Hackney Council’s previous failure to grant permission as “wholly unconvincing”, and supported our claims that the proposal would result in an improvement to the immediate urban condition, and greater local employment. He said that the scheme will “create a flexible and informal space within which a number of creative activities can take place, supported by a level of eating and drinking.”
Following some legitimate concerns raised by the council concerning the condition and management of the urban space of Bohemia Place generally, we offered to initiate a collective consultation and design process with the other users of the area. This decision is of strategic importance to the area, and the client Cem Gul, plans to move the project forward straight away.
The scheme aims to integrate the experience of the architecture and physical space of the bar with a website/blog/chat and virtual art space, through a wireless and bluetooth active virtual communications and interface environment. The construction will use recycled materials where possible in the construction, working with artists coordinated by David Hees of the recycling arts collective Project 142.
The roof collects rainwater for use in the bars’ toilets, and there will also be solar collectors located on the roof and south-facing wall for heating and energy generation. The client, Cem Gul, owns the local stone and mosaic wholesaler Artemis, who have supplied several WAG projects.
The team behind the project aim to have the venue open by the end of 2007.

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