Atelier 6: Greenwich University

Architecture 08 exhibition at the University of Greenwich.
Students of Architecture and their end of year work.

Atelier 6 2007/08:
Tutors: Jon Goodbun, Filip Visnjic, Cordula Weisser

This year the WAG studio has continued the work of previous cohorts, exploring the intersection of demographic, technological and environmental change. We consciously attempted to envisage new sustainable social forms by exploring the possibilities opened up by rethinking, from the bottom up and top down, architectural design method in the light of planetary limits.

We started the year looking at a single dwelling unit, and finished with a series of master-planning exercises for Hackney Central, which explored food production, energy management, cohousing and urban transport. In both cases we developed with the students a new kind of drawing – The Ecology Diagram – which aims to capture the material and energy forces and flows acting upon the site – whether environmental, economic, social, or technological. By working with Ecology Diagrams students were able to design processes as much as products, and imagine new social scenarios as solutions to new problems. WAG will be presenting the research of Atelier 6, as part of a wider study, to Hackney Council and local community groups over the summer.

You can see more examples of students’ work here.

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