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Open Tables Now Live @ Tent London 2008

September 2008

We are pleased to announce that our winning Workspace Group Urbantine project is now on display at this years Tent London.
Taking place in the capital’s most exciting venue, the Truman Brewery, a vast reclaimed industrial site in Brick Lane, Tent London is the most comprehensive and diverse design event of the year, showing art and [...]

Birnbeck Island Competition

December 2007

Year: 2007
WAG: Architects
Project Description: Ideas competition for development of a derelict but listed island resort and bridge/pier for UrbanSplash.
Estimated contract sum: N/A
Our latest competition submission for this exciting new project. Unfortunately, WAG was not shortlisted to procure project further. To see other entries/winner please visit RIBA competitions office.

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Site Analysis:
Weston-Super-Mare operates efficiently [...]

Nincomsoup Derby – Complete

October 2007

WAG have just completed this new outlet for Nincomsoup in the new shopping centre in Derby by Westfield. WAG have been working closely both with the client and Westfield to create this high quality foodcourt unit that reflects the quality and success of first Nincomsoup in Old Street, London completed in 2002. WAG would like [...]

WAG contribute to sustainable innovations think tank in Lisbon.

May 2007

Last Wednesday I was flown (sic!) to Lisbon to contribute to a sustainable innovations brainstorming workshop. We were selected by consultants Interiority, on the basis of our ‘eco-innovative’ thinking and experience, to be part of a team put together for Brand developers Added Value, for a client of theirs: the Portuguese arm of a petroleum [...]

Art Gallery and Bar, Bohemia Place, London

March 2007

WAG are currently working on a concept and design for a combined bar and art space in and around some railway arches in Hackney Central. The scheme aims to integrate the experience of the architecture and physical space of the bar with a website/blog/chat and virtual art space, through a wireless and bluetooth active virtual [...]

St. John’s Church & Railway Bridge, Bethnal Green, London

August 2006

WAG: project instigators and architects
Project description: When the railway embankment running north from Liverpool St Station, parallel to Mare Street, was constructed in the nineteenth century, the century long relationship between John Soane’s exquisite St John’s church (built in ) and Bethnal Green High Road was broken. The utilitarian steel bridge that now crosses Bethnal [...]

Democratic Billboard

July 2006

Democratic Billboard Manifesto:
1. Take into ‘partial public ownership’ the advertising and media infrastructures which inceasingly fill our cities.
2. Redistribute the use of, and access to, this infrastructure. For example:
20% ART
20% NEWS
The Democratic Billboard is a conceptual urban research tool. We have used it to think about the [...]

Central YMCA, London

October 2004

Year: 2004
WAG personnel: architects and project managers
Project description: new offices and reception area for sports club
Contract sum: £100,000

On this project we worked within a very tight budget to deliver increadible value to the client. We were appointed to reorganise and rebrand the reception area of Central YMCA on Gt Russell St, London. We started the [...]

Interspace Installation Concept

June 2003

Year: 2003
WAG personnel: architects and technologists
Project description: Speculative concept for immersive 3D TV and virtual teleportation environment
Estimated contract sum: £20,000 – £1 million
Publication: Medium Architecture – Bauhaus Weimar University

InterSpace – a proposal for a communicative prosthetic space
WaG Architecture
Technological development [...]

BBC TV Centre, London

June 2003

Year: 2003
Project description: Feasibility study for entrance canopy and visitor experience
Estimated contract sum: £250,000
WaG developed a new entrance experience for audience visitors as part of the ‘This is Television’ feasibility study, lead by graphics consultants Lucy or Robert.

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